After using gitpaste for a while Blake Moore introduced me to Stikked A better looking gitpaste :)
This is a php pastebin variant with lots of nice syntax highliging, the ablity to update pastes with a reply, an API and a useful diff utility

Config is pretty straght forward.

Copy application/config/stikked.php.default to application/config/stikked.php the config file is well documented. I changed a couple of things for my own use. For example i introduced an API key but kept the API help page by modifying the htdocs/application/controllers/api.php file and moving the following

in function __construct() section move

if (config_item('apikey') != $this->input->get('apikey'))
die("Invalid API key\n");

To under the function create() block

This will then require a key to upload pastes but you will still be able to see the API help page :)

Another thing I changed was the bootstrap theme. This can be achived by downloading and replacing the css/bootstrap.min.css with another themed bootstrap file
Nice stuff! Pop over to and add your most useful commands that help you in your job